Writing the conclusion is the worst part of writing reports

Ah yes thank you for reading my paper now please allow me to restate my thesis statement with slightly different wording and ultimately waste your time

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The hair flip to end all hair flips by Jared Leto.
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The Devil Leaves A Trail Of Innocent And Guilty

Quick note: This is my first ever vampireJared fic,so there’s gonna be some blood and violence to go alongside the sex. If that’s not your cup of coffee,then sit this one out. If it is,or maybe you’re curious..continue on….


Miss Sandy Anne had seen everything in her years at The Red Haus brothel,husbands,sons,drunks,preachers and teachers. What happened that one fateful night out in the desert,however,would stick with her until her last breath. It all started with a man in dusty boots who walked in around midnight. The man had long hair,”Hippie hair” her ex husband would have said. He was handsome,pale and very soft spoken. “You wouldn’t happen to have a pretty young thing I can borrow for a few hours,Miss?” he asked,leaning across the front desk,blue eyes bright and spirited. “Or maybe you and me just run away together.” he added,smirking. “Slow down there,hot shot.” Sandy Anne laughed,although she found she couldn’t look away from those bright eyes. The madame called the girls down and told them to line up,as per usual. The long-haired man paced back and forth,like a lion in a cage in front of the girls before walking up to a pretty petite girl with auburn colored hair and green shorts. “I like this one here.” he said quietly,almost inaudibly.

The auburn haired girl (who went by the name of Laurie) led the man down the hall to a room,dim lit,plush covers,all the tropes of a brothel bedroom. “So what’s your name,stud?” Laurie asked. “My name’s Jared,or…you can call me J since-we’re-” he pulled her closer,so they were face to face “on good terms and all.” Laurie put her hand on Jared’s chest,her palm against the bare skin above his button up shirt. “You’re cold.” she said,startled. Jared chuckled. “It just takes me a minute to warm up. Maybe you can warm me up….” He pulled his hips against her,and she felt the lump in his pants that was,in fact,quite warm. Jared whirled her around and tossed her to the bed so quickly that she barely registered what was going on. He opened his pants and pulled out and enormous swollen prick,his thumb lazily rubbing the head. “Come suck me.” he rasped and Laurie slid forward,slipping a condom over his large cock,jaws open wide,perfect red lipstick smudging on his length. He held her head in place and began thrusting his hips against her,using her mouth for his own selfish pleasures. If it had been any other Joe Schmoe client she would have never allowed it but there was something about this one that left her helpless and vulnerable like a virgin on her first date. 

Once he had enough of her mouth,he hastily unbuttoned his shirt and dropped his pants,crawling into bed on top of the whore. He yanked her tube top down,squeezing and slapping her tits. His long fingers hooked into her shorts,pulling them down. Laurie wrapped her legs around Jared’s neck and he grasped her hips,thrusting himself inside her,moaning loudly as he slid in and out of her pretty cunt. Laurie gasped and arched her back underneath him,not as an act as she usually did but in pure lust and pleasure. This guy knew how to fuck. She was also vaguely aware that his body was not cold as ice as it had been moments earlier but feverishly hot. His speed was another thing. He would turn her over onto her hands and knees and be back inside her pussy before she had even realized he had pulled out. For the first time in forever,she came for a man on the overly fluffed covers of the brothel bed. Even then,he wasn’t finished. He took her in every position,she rode him,bent over the bed for him,spread her legs shamelessly,not because she was paid to but because she was desperate to feel his cock pounding away inside her again. Finally he grunted and spazamed behind her,finding his own release. “Ohhhh..ohh…fuck….that’s it baby. whew. Hah.” he chuckled stepping back and holding his spent dick. Laurie collapsed back on the bed,her firey hair in her face. Her pussy hurt in the most delicious way and she was almost disappointed that it was over.  “Damn,you’ve got some power to you….you want a drink….J?” Laurie asked,slipping her shorts back on. “No thanks,shug,I don’t drink liquor.” “Really,what do you drink?”


The last thing Laurie saw was his mouth again,but…it wasn’t the same,his teeth were huge and sharp and suddenly buried into her neck. She screamed,more from sheer surprise than terror,then pain,then warm liquid all over her neck and shoulders,loud slurping sounds,then nothing. Outside in the hallway Candy Girl,another of the working whores of The Red Haus had finished with a client when she heard the screams from inside the room. She knew something was wrong and she opened the door to see a naked man,his face and hair covered in blood,bright blue eyes glowing. He had been eating something. It was Laurie. He was eating Laurie. The man moved towards her,and she felt no more.

Miss Sandy Anne had been so involved in watching reruns of her favorite soap operas that she never even heard Laurie or Candy Girl screaming. There was a thump-thump-thump of approaching foot steps into the foyer then nothing. When Sandy Anne looked up,there were only footprints.Bare,bloody,footprints.

The long haired man in the dusty boots was never seen again. 

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